Confidence Building Motorbike Lessons for Women by Women

Grow your passion • Build experience • Connect with female riders
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Do you need to improve your riding?

Are you lacking confidence on the road?
Do you want more enjoyment from riding?
Need help getting your provisional license?
Do you feel unsafe on the road?
Is it time to polish up your skills?
Need help getting your motorbike license in NSW?

Motorbike training that takes your riding to the next level

Do you need a motorbike lesson in Sydney? Do you need some help getting your motorbike license in NSW? Girl helps you get there with female-led one-on-one motorbike road training designed to go at your pace and help you ride out safely with confidence. 

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"For someone who hadn't ridden before, I thought Girl would be the best choice. Girl has made me more confident to learn riding and Fab has made it so much easier."



"Its been really nice dealing with a woman. Its given me the confidence to make manoeuvres and get practice and experience on the road. The lessons have helped a lot. I feel it will help me get closer to my P's test.



"Fabienne makes the lessons fun. Its non intimidating and makes me feel relaxed. The lessons have been great!"



"Fabienne is an excellent teacher - she makes the sessions fun as well as instructive and I really enjoyed training with her."



"Fab is a fantastic instructor. Not only is she very friendly, but she has the innate way of making you feel at ease. I’ve learnt something new each lesson and she’s given me confidence to go out on my own."



"Ride with confidence, which is exactly what you’ll get after a lesson with Fabienne. After our lesson I rode to Manly with my chap, a route I used to take often when he lived up there. There were always a couple corners I hated, but I took them smoothly and confidently. It was like night and day! Highly recommend."


Discover how Girl motorbike training helps women like you ride with confidence

Motorbike training for all skill levels

Girl private motorbike lessons come to you and are personalised to your skill level. Whether you're a learner or more advanced, we will transform the way you feel and act on the road. This way you'll have more fun riding.
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What You'll Get

  • One on One private on-road training
  • Tuition and advice from a female perspective
  • Training on public roads and open spaces
  • Training for safer motorcycling on all road types
  • Lesson at your desired location
  • Water if you need to rehydrate
  • Photos of you and your dreamy bike!
  • Follow up homework from your session to keep
    you on the right track
  • Instructor comes to you (Conditions apply for greater Sydney)
  • Certified motorbike instructor

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