Retail Remedy

Whether you’re shopping for a motorcycle or need help finding the best helmet gear, luggage or apparel, Girl helps you avoid costly mistakes.

Girl in-store shopping services ensure you buy the right item for your exact needs – for the right price. What’s more, we meet you onsite and pass our girl power discounts on to you!

Motorbike shopping


Many people struggle to decide which bike to get, and often they buy more than one bike that allows them to express themselves in different ways. As you embark on your exhilarating biking journey, your first step is to find the right bike that fits your personality, self-expression and intended use – in one stylish package.



Kitting yourself out with protective gear is one of the most important aspects of riding a motorbike. Why? Because you’re exposed and vulnerable every time you relish the airy freedom of the open road.

Helmet options


Your helmet is one supremely powerful piece of kit, and it holds your head and potentially your life in its hands. In Australia, all motorcycle riders must wear an approved helmet by law (Australian Road Rules Reg. 270). So a helmet is just a helmet, right? Wrong.

Luggage options


It’s surprising how much you can carry on a bike. And while some of us need every home and beauty comfort on the road, others can make do with as little as a stash of lippy and a pair of good-looking knickers.