The Girl Story

Quintessential Aussie paddock bashing
I'm Fabienne Phillips, founder and lead instructor at Girl Motorbikes have been a part of my life since I can remember. Luckily for me, I had the best of both worlds, growing up in the city and country where bright lights and excitement mingled with the addictive openness of the Australian Bush. It was the perfect life for a teenager who loved to paddock bash on a dirt bike with no road rules, dirt flying everywhere and the smell of grass and gasoline in my hair.

When I was in my early teens, I inherited a wonderful pre-60’s Mobylette from my French grandparents. I loved riding it, although quirky, it was fun peddling to engage first gear, revving-ish its 49.9 cc engine, and cautious on its frail, antique structure. I lovingly restored the Moby and placed it in storage, and after the country property sold, I parked away my motorbike riding too. It’s only now that I look back on that gap of 26 years and wonder why on earth I didn’t keep it up or rekindle my passion for bikes sooner.

Fabienne Phillips

The road to Girl
It took a chance meeting with a guy who owned a 1000cc sportsbike to get me back in the saddle, well, should I say pillion saddle! Perhaps it was the corny excuse of arm-wrapping, or perhaps it was the exhilaration of being en plein air on the open road, but yes, I sat up on that high, tiny seat for a year and it was the best learning experience I could have wished for. With my passion for bikes and the freedom they provide rekindled, it was time to fly solo.

After successfully passing my Ls and Ps, I bought my first bike, a Honda CB400. With constant practice and road time, I outgrew it in less than eight months, progressing to a Triumph Street Triple 675, which I currently own.

The guy is now my partner of many years as well as my constant teacher and critic, and I ride his 1000cc motorbike on road and track days. With three long-haul international rides under my belt, I’ve never looked back, and I’m completely immersed in the world of bikes.

Girl is born
Throughout my bike riding journey, I’ve experienced many incredible places. My bike has opened up my world. I relish the empowerment, freedom, individualism and adrenalin that controlling a machine gifts. Most of all, I enjoy being in the moment.

I founded Girl to empower Australian women, regardless of experience, to ride motorbikes more safely, confidently and stylishly than they ever imagined possible. I’m passionate about sharing my knowledge and want you to experience how a bike expands your world. I genuinely want to see you progress but, most of all, it’s about your bike, your freedom and your style of fun.

I hope you enjoy your journey as much as I’m enjoying mine!

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