Girl Client Feedback

"I was looking for a private instructor to help me with my technique so I could feel more confident and safe when on the road - I'm so glad I found Girl Torque! Fab was not only a great instructor, but also extremely patient and flexible which meant I got the most I could out of every session. On top of that Fab and the team did an amazing job at organizing a women's only track day where I met a bunch of lovely people from the riding community. Highly recommend girl torque if you want friendly and attentive instructor who also takes awesome photos of you and your bike :)."

“I am extremely impressed with Fabienne's customer service skills, and motorbike knowledge when I made my initial phone call to enquire after her courses. Fabienne volunteered a lot of information at no cost and was extremely generous of her time. I have since booked for her courses and cant wait :) I have every confidence that I have made a wise and valuable investment into my safety on the road.”

“Ive been riding my scooter just in my local area and wanted to move up to a bigger bike Lacking courage to handle a bigger bike I found Girl through an internet search. Fabienne not only found a well priced bike that suited to me she was personable, encouraging and most of all patient in our training sessions. We worked on handling the bigger bike, slow riding techniques and dealing with heavier traffic like buffering which was really helpful. Thanks so much Fabienne you have now made my riding so enjoyable.”
– Tanya R

“Fabienne made my first motorcycle purchase stress free and easy. Fabienne did all the research after our conversation, taking on board my experience (inexperience) level, requirements and desired outcome to shortlist bikes best suited to me. Fabienne worked with dealerships most convenient for me and met me onsite, informing me of the process we’d go through before trying out the bike. When it came to questions from sales staff Fabienne knew the answers and what to negotiate on my behalf. It was fantastic to sit back and relax knowing she had it all under control.

Fabienne’s assistance in finding the correct fitting and wear required was invaluable as I gained knowledge of what to look for and how to fit correctly. I’d already been burnt previously buying incorrect gear and found this experience so carefree in comparison thanks to Fabienne’s knowledge and guidance.

Looking forward to the journey of becoming a confident and competent rider!”
Leanne H

“My husband has been on at me to ride pillion so that we can go away for weekends and adventures. But, nope… I decided I needed my own bike and to learn from scratch. Fabienne helped me find a fantastic Yamaha that I won’t outgrow too fast, and I’ve now graduated to her next level of training. I highly recommend Girl”
Miranda O  

“I’m relieved to have found someone willing to work at my slightly hesitant pace. Fabienne is mentoring me from scratch, and it’s making the whole learning process so much less stressful and more fun.”
Tracey L

“I recommend Fabienne to any girl who is serious about becoming a safe and skilled motorbike rider with (style) in mind 🙂 Fabienne will have you riding with a real sense of road awareness. She gave me important road skills and it really helped my confidence. She has a very relaxed way of teaching which makes it easier for nervous newbies. Whilst on the other hand is extremely thorough and precise. Nobody can take away from you what you learn and Fabienne teaches in a fun and personable way!”
Cara C

“Fabienne was indeed Fab! She enabled me to build the confidence I needed to transition from my scooter to my motorbike.  Her teaching style is aimed at women, she knows how to communicate the required information in a way we understand and encourages self growth. I highly recommend Girl to any woman curious about learning to ride! She was perfect for me.”
Kris McKee

“I always wanted to learn to ride a motorcycle – but I was scared as well. Fabienne managed to build on the confidence I had gained by passing my pre-learners. She corrected me without making me feel criticized or foolish. Trust me – the more you learn and the more confident you become in your ability to ride the safer you become. Which makes every penny spent on Girl a 100% worthwhile investment!”

“Girl is gentle but confident, she helped me gain confidence on the road after a scare and she is fun to be around. I booked three sessions with her initially and plan to remain connected with the occasional lesson on skills. She took us Girl Torquers on a ride to Palm Beach before Christmas for lunch and we had a great day with a safe, well managed ride.”
Julie B

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