Beginners Guide 2020 – What motorbike should I buy?

November 24, 2020

By this stage you have done your research on how to get your motorbike course in N.S.W, what is the best motorcycle course and where are the motorbike courses near me. If you passed your motorbike learners course, congratulations! The next pressing question is, what motorbike should you buy?  This is a very daunting and often nerve-wracking question for new motorbike riders.  I remember this well.  I had an idea of what I liked, this had always been either a Harley or Ducati Monster.  Just liked the look of the Harley and sound but loved the name of the Monster.

So, what did I actually buy?  I’ll let you know in a bit.  

First, let’s look at what the definitions of categories motorbikes fall under.  I never knew the difference between cruisers to sports motorbikes.  Believe me, there are many differences.  Let’s look at the major ones.


A cruiser is your typical laid back sitting position.  Feet normally are forward of your body and you look kind of like you are sitting in a lounge chair, which is a very comfortable position for some people.  These motorbikes are generally designed for long cruisy rides.  Not particularly designed for lots of tight corners, although having said that I have seen many cruisers being flung around the corners, like there are riding a sports motorbike.  Typically they are Harley Davidsons, Honda Rebel’s, VStar’s & Vulcan’s.


The Sports/Tourer motorbikes combine the sports style of motorbikes with the comfort that goes with a touring motorbike for longer distances.  These motorbikes are really comfy to ride as they have an upright seating position and generally have a fairing which provides for more wind protection when riding.  The pillion (passenger) seat will be a little more accommodating for pillion comfort.  Also, there will be more adequate areas for paniers and storage capabilities for longer trips. Typically, these bikes include V-Strom 650XT, Suzuki GS500 and Yamaha XJ6SL.


Sports motorcycles are definitely designed for corners. Typically, these motorbikes have lower handlebars, higher foot pegs and a more streamlined sitting position.  Acceleration and braking are more often optimised on these motorbikes.  Unlike the tourer, there is little provision for a pillion and if so, it is certainly a less comfortable option for your passenger.  Luggage options are also limited as they are not designed for longer trips, but more for the short trip, or maybe even track riding.  Included in this category is Suzuki GSX-R125, Kawasaki Ninja 400 or a Yamaha YZF-R3.


Adventure motorbikes are dual purpose or dual-sport.  They are based on dirt bike chassis but have all the features you would find on other road motorbikes.  The tyres are the main point of difference and they allow you to ride on tar and then easily transition to dirt.  This means that the tires are going to be more “knobbly”, with perhaps 50% road and 50% dirt.  This makes their performance and traction in the dirt easier to handle.  Lots of space on the back seat for pillions and of course maximum area for luggage racks and storage.  These motorbikes have a higher seating position giving that extra ground clearance if you happened to go off road.  Included are BMWG650 GS, Kawasaki KLR650 or the Royal Enfield Himalayan 400cc.

Having said all that, the bikes listed above are not all in these categories.  Can I suggest that as a beginner motorcyclist that you do your research on which bike you want, but then go and get yourself a smaller second-hand motorbike that you won’t mind dropping and one that you can learn to handle before advancing to a bigger motorbike.  I can assure you there will be, at some stage, a time when your bike kisses the ground in some form.  Mine, was a little drop getting up a small ramp from my grass to where I store my bike.  Not a big drop, but a drop all the same.

So, getting back to which bike I choose, well, I ended up with a Suzuki Sports Motorbike as I love going on rides that have lots of cornering options.  I also have been out to the track.  This doesn’t make me an expert but just something that I love doing.

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Hope this helps with your decision making and look forward to helping you on your motorbike journey to make you a safe and confident rider.

GirlTorque cc guest writer

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