How to prepare for long trips on your motorcycle

June 14, 2021

Our motorcycles open up our world, so it’s natural to think about travelling on them! Using your bike to explore the world can be an amazing way of touring, which means it’s important to prepare properly so you can enjoy the experiences on the road. We have put together a list to think about before you start your road adventures.

Dress for the Ride

The more suitable the gear, the more comfortable the ride. There is nothing worse than having to ride a day of rain with wet socks! Be sure to pack some waterproofs. We love all in one waterproofs that roll tight in your day bag, so if it starts raining you can quickly pull up and put them on over your riding gear. Layered gearing is a must have when travelling. Be sure to wear something that breathes and offers the versatility to remove or add layers.

Stop & Hydrate

We cannot push this one enough! When riding for hours we can often forget to pull over and take a break. Make sure to be constantly drinking and making comfort stops. Fatigue is a real issue when riding due to the wind noise and defensive riding, so make sure to take care of your body on your long rides.


If you plan to leave for a longer period, luggage is a must. An easy solution is a pannier system to enable quick release of your bags, but also to allow access if you need to pull out that camera for an amazing shot. If panniers aren’t quite enough to fit all your belongings, you can start to add duffels bags on your rear seat but make sure to secure these safely with bungee cords and a luggage net. In addition to choosing the right bag, you must also decide on your luggage contents very carefully. When going on a road trip on a motorbike, always prefer packing light. Our favourite luggage brands are Kriega and Flying Solo.

Bike checks before setting off

Make a habit of checking your bike over every morning before setting off. You will be putting your motorcycle through a lot of mileage and testing road conditions. Make sure to check the tightness of all your bolts, tyres for any damage and inspect for any leaks.

All importantly, have fun! It’s a big world out there and there is no better way to explore it than on two wheels.

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