Womens Track Day – Sunday November 24th, 2019

February 22, 2019

My name is Fabienne from Girl Torque cc, my vision for this event is to create a safe environment for all different levels of female riders within the motorcycling community.This will be a space where riders can come together and share theirexperiences, learn, communicate and transform their riding ability on two wheels

Where is it, how much does it cost and what does it include?

821- 849 Luddenham Rd,Luddenham NSW 2745


   6 x 15 minute approx. sessions of track time (5 groups at different speeds but numbers of group may vary)

  *Track session mentors provided(classroom review discussions not available on the day) 

  Lap timer used to log your performance and consistency

   Access to MotoGP and Ride 3 on PS4 between sessions

   Complimentary Photography by MotoGP & ASBK Accredited Photographer

   1x Sports Drink

   1x Light Snack

   Your very own creative artwork for social media (only upon requests)

   Event recap video for you to share your ride day experience!

   Rider mentors allocated to each riding group

How does the day run?

Scrutineering and registration from 7:30 am

Riders briefing begins at 8:30 am

Track walk at 8:40 am

Track session commences 9:00am to 4:45pm

What group should I be in?

Purple – First time ever on a track and/or still prefer to take it slow/ inexperienced

White – First time at Luddenham track/or still prefer to take it steady/newcomer

Yellow – Experienced Medium

Green – Experienced Medium Fast

Red – Experienced Fast

Groups may change based on number of attendees and operational requirements. Participants will not be allowed to change groups unless instructed by organisers. All participants have the responsibility to ensure they are prepared for their sessions.

Final Notes

This is not limited to but includes:

– Body is fully covered, full leathers – 1 or 2 pieces, must be zipped together. Including longer length gloves and boots. 

– Full face helmet meeting approved standards

– Riders license

– Riders in Purple group only can wear normal street gear. Make sure you have: leather or textile jacket, approved helmet, riding boots, gloves, Kevlar jeans or textile pants.

– Chain adjusted correctly and lubricated

– No leaking fluids e.g. oil,coolant and brake fluid

– Tyres clear of any punctures and are deemed satisfactory for track.

– Spectators must sign in at the main Luddenham Raceway centre. A $5 spectator fee will be required before entry.   Spectators must be – 16 years & older to be permitted to enter the open pit.

– There are no refunds.

– In an event of wet weather,the ride day will still proceed. Only if deemed unsafe/cancelled by the track owner, then you may reschedule to one of our other dates 

* Group mentors will be on track and will provide tips and advice trackside.

How can I be a part of the day?

You are almost there. Secure your spot now! 

Go to the link below so we can send you out the payment details.


Subject: “Track Day” Scroll down to “Track day” in services field box.

Fabienne 0418 297 585

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